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One on One Healing and Coaching

Our recommendations are based on our and our participants' personal experiences with and feedback of their work. 

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Dominique Cowling


Black Seeds Project

One-on-one private sessions and trauma-informed groups in nature. Using a peer counseling model, there will be a non-judgmental, collaborative & trauma-sensitive environment to better understand emotional and spiritual health.

In addition to being outdoors with the elements, each session will be tailored to specific needs with guided meditation, Restorative yoga and / or embodiment practices to support your unique journey. Each session ends with an option of journaling or shared reflection.

Listen to learn about the Black Seeds Project on the Outside Voices Podcast:

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With empathy, kindness, intuition and honesty, I partner with my clients on their healing road to self-discovery, self-acceptance and self- love. The process is client lead, and focuses on short term behavior, thought and energetic change to soothe distress, foster hope and create space for a fuller, happier life.


Somatic healing sessions provide a space of deep holding and presence to help the nervous system metabolize and integrate what's been challenging, and help settle, resource, and bolster the whole body. Sessions may help:

• reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

• build capacity, grounding, and resilience in our body-minds

• offer a welcome sense of calm, clarity, choice, and balance.

Weaving somatics, bodywork, mindfulness, and trauma-healing modalities of Somatic

Experiencing, Touch Skills Trauma Therapy, and Somatic Resilience +


Sessions may include...​​

  • MASSAGE THERAPY (myofascial therapy, swedish)

  • BODYWORK (ortho-bionomy, craniosacral therapy, acupressure)

  • TRAUMA HEALING (nervous system settling, resilience building)

  • YOGA-MOVEMENT THERAPY (posture, balance, alignment, breath) ​


Sage Hayes

Embodied Liberation 

Embodied Liberation is a vision of a healing arts education institute which offers online and in-person training and retreats for healing arts practitioners.

We imagine healing as collaboratively creating conditions 
which inspire and  support individual and collective bodies healing 
from supremacy in all its forms towards emergent and embodied liberation for all.

For the past 25 years Sage has offered a unique integrated approach to therapeutic change and transformation.  Offering Somatic Experiencing (SE), craniosacral therapy, community education, family and systemic constellations and massage therapy. Sage has practiced, taught and facilitates thoughtful reflection and embodied change.

Sage has been a lead teaching assistant with the Somatic Experiencing Institute for the past 4 years and has assisted countless somatic experiencing trainings since 2010. Sage has recently been in collaborative projects with the Genesis Institute/Liberation Academy, Reclaim Your Own Transcendence - Healing Cycles of Harm and Lumos Transforms. Sage also co-founded the SE Working Group for Racial Justice.

Collective Healing and Growth Projects

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We provide loving traditional healing sessions to people from especially traumatized populations in the Bay Area. More specifically for persons who are:

  • Domestic violence survivors

  • Sexual assault survivors

  • Persons in recovery/rehabilitation

  • Previously incarcerated

  • Queer, Trans, Gender Non-Binary or 2 Spirit 

  • Overworked and under-cared for

  • Low-income

  • Undocumented


The central intention of the Healing Clinic Collective is to plant the seed for a return to the Sacred. We aim to encourage re-engagement to a sacred way of relating to ourselves as whole people. We aim to restore reverence and relationship to ancestral forms of healing and wellness that come from world views  rooted in cultural understandings and expressions of love, interconnectedness, and regenerative relationship to both people and the Earth...

Systemic forms of institutionalized discrimination, social abandonment and economic exclusion continue to result in high rates of trauma and spiritual crisis experienced by poor and oppressed peoples. These spiritual and emotional traumas manifest as a wide range of health conditions and illnesses that must be addressed in a holistic way that mirrors the complexity of their source.

​The HCC sees it’s work as a way to ensure that people who desire natural/traditional healing modalities can access them for ongoing care. For this reason, the Healing Clinic Collective has developed a Network of over 100 natural,  traditional wellness practitioners and healers that offer their services for free at our Healing Clinics and for free/sliding scale when referred to them through the HCC.

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The Peaceful Warriors was created in East Oakland and would like to honor the land of the Huichin Oholne people. This men of color healing circle was created out of the necessity to build a safe space that allows men to be vulnerable, and to offer support. We recognize that the socially imposed ideas of what a “man” should be is rooted in a toxic male oppressive system.
Only we men can heal ourselves and reclaim our identity of nurturing and healthy masculinity. All men of color are welcome including Queer, nonbinary, dual spirit, and any other person that identifies with male energy.

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For persons in Alameda County who are dealing with the trauma of a recent sexual assault, and the countless others who are only now beginning to deal with the aftermath of an past assault, we offer the services they need the most: experienced counseling and advocacy 24-hours per day. For the survivor, we have a listener who will not judge, criticize, or be easily shocked. We then begin to form a partnership with survivors and work to help them regain a sense of control in their lives; to begin to heal. In-person counseling for incest survivors, rape survivors, and sexual assault survivors enable us to address special and continuing needs. Accompaniment, advocacy, and support during the medical and judicial processes complete our response to the needs of the sexual assault survivor.

Some of their peer support groups utilize our Healing Cycles of Harm Curriculum. Services in English and in Spanish. 

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A series of conversations and practice opportunities for survivors. Topics include healthy boundary setting, compassion, radical love, and self care. MeToo also offers support groups for survivors. 

Therapy Networks and Resources

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Listing of therapists and a fund for therapy.

"The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN) is a healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color (QTPoC). We work at the intersection of movements for social justice and the field of mental health to integrate healing justice into both of these spaces. Our overall goal is to increase access to healing justice resources for QTPoC."

Listing of politicized somatic therapists.

"The mission of gs is to support social and climate justice movements in achieving their visions of a radically transformed society. We do this by bringing somatic transformation to movement leaders, organizations, and alliances. Our programs engage the body (emotions, sensations, physiology), in order to align our actions with values and vision, and heal from the impacts of trauma and oppression. We aim to advance loving and rigorous movements that possess the creativity, resilience, and liberatory power needed to transform society."

Transformative Justice Processes

Transformative Justice goals, principals, and application developed through their  work confronting child sexual abuse. This organization has been a cornerstone contribution to the development of transformative justice.

From the Toolkit: "This Toolkit promotes an approach called community-based interventions to violence or what some call community accountability or transformative justice as a way to break isolation and to create solutions to violence from those who are most affected by violence – survivors and victims of violence, friends, family and community. It asks us to look to those around us to gather together to create grounded, thoughtful community responses. It builds on our connections and caring rather than looking at solutions that rely only on separation and disconnections from our communities. It invites us to involve even those who harm us as potential allies in stopping that harm and as active partners in deeply changing attitudes and behaviors towards a solution to violence. It expands the idea of violence and its solutions from that between individuals to one that includes communities – both close and intimate communities and the broader communities of which we are a part.

Describes cases where Communities United Against Abuse, in Seattle, utilized community accountability strategies in response to harm done. Best practices developed through observation and description of cases, obstacles in implementing strategies, and responses to those obstacles included. 

Articles accessed for free (though you can also buy the issue) here. Description of issue:  "critically examines grassroots efforts, cultural interventions, and theoretical questions regarding community-based strategies to address gendered violence.  This collection encapsulates a decade of local and national initiatives led by or inspired by allied social movements that reflect the complexities of integrating the theory and practice of community accountability"

BATJC offers a rich list of resources on community accountability models, transformative justice in action, and understanding and responding to trauma. 

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