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RooT People's Healing Conference and Clinic

RooT’s People's Healing Conference and Clinic is a multi-day event grounded in the truth that healing from trauma is within the survivor's and community's grasps. It places the participant at the center, making healing democratic and asset based. The facilitator's role is to create the conditions for participants' inherent healing to emerge.
Collective healing workshops and one on one space holding equip survivors with practical skills that can be used to address individual and community healing while becoming introduced to the benefits of holistic strategies.
Unlike most conferences, sessions are interactive and geared toward assuring that survivors walk away with knowledge that is immediately usable, for both personal and communal growth.  Sessions are NOT recorded, as participants may share sensitive content.
The conference also allows the opportunity for participants to obtain nonconventional healing tools from local vendors at more affordable prices.
To make it sustainable and accessible, childcare and food are provided using local vendors who share similar visions as RooT.

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