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Collective Transformative Repair

Collective transformative repair is an opportunity for groups, organizations, or collectives to explore how conflict presents opportunities for closeness, collective cultural shifts, and realignment with collective values. We offer this support for groups that consist of historically, culturally, systemically, and politically impacted individuals or those who offer services and support to such individuals. 

Our process is a human and heart-centered experience where individuals are invited to assess their personal traumas/triggers and examine how they might manifest in relational spaces. Groups are invited to assess which cultural patterns perpetuate harm or create blockages towards the ability to resolve conflict.


Our approach is:

  • Participant centered

  • Culturally accessible

  • Somatically (body/mind awareness) infused

  • Decolonial (inviting assessments of white-supremacy culture)



1. Consultation

During our first meeting, we meet with advocates, coordinators, and/or impacted individuals to explore the narratives and challenges held by the group and its individuals. Together, we draft a list of goals the collective has for the process. It is key at this stage that all engaged parties have a way to examine and agree to goals for the process.

2. Proposal

Facilitators will use information gathered during the consultation to draft a proposal for the collective's or organization's review. Each experience is uniquely developed to meet the needs of the group and the individuals within them. The collective or organization can make suggestions to the proposal for revision. This collaborative process is part of our practice in centering consent and the inherent wisdom that participants have about their collective and individual healing needs. Once all consent to the experience, we move into capacity building.

3. Capacity Building

This phase consists of a set of workshops, experiences, and/or exercises that assist the group in building the interpersonal and self-awareness skills needed to address conflict without causing further harm. Throughout this process, members of the organization or collective often learn more about each other beyond the scope of their positions within the collective. Human connection, compassion (for self and others), and holding space for complexity emerge in ways that will infuse the generative quality and capacity of the next phase.

4. Repair Work

During this phase, we hold space for interpersonal repair work to happen, while exploring the ways in which acts of repair can invite a shift in the culture of the collective or organization. Our aim is to invite new, generative models and responses to harm and conflict that can be used and adopted by the collective or organization beyond the scope of RooT's process.  

Please Note: We are currently at capacity for this offering in 2023.

For Collective Transformative Repair

inquiries email us at:

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