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Rosa Giselle Cabrera: Founder + Curriculum Developer + Facilitator

Rosa (she/her) is a Harlem native, born to Dominican parents, and is a single mother of a magical child scientist. She has published personal essays and fiction writing on motherhood, sexuality, Black feminism, and transnational identity. She has taught English in New York City and Oakland high schools for a total of 5 years, and currently resides in Oakland, California.


Her previous work as a rape crisis counselor for SF WAR and her own personal experiences in surviving domestic violence, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence while attempting to love informs her teaching and writing endeavors. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Mills College, MS in English Education from University of Rochester as an Urban Teaching Leadership Fellow, and a BA in Black and Latino Urban Studies from San Francisco State University. Currently she teaches English at Chabot College  and founded InkRise, a writing workshop for survivors of violence in 2012. She founded Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence in 2018 to explore abolitionist and transformative healing methods to address and end violence.

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Amy Paulson:

Curriculum Developer + facilitator

Left eBay Europe in 2011 to co-found Gratitude Alliance after 14 years of working in finance, operations, project management, accounting/tax in the U.S. and Europe for Deloitte, SAP, eBay, and the US Embassy in Berlin.


Once an orphan herself, Amy is passionate about creating spaces for healing and transformation for children who have lost their mothers and for trauma survivors who most need to reclaim their inner mother.  She's served in the non-profit sector as a volunteer, international program manager, finance manager, and board member focusing on projects benefiting orphaned and vulnerable children in the US and abroad.


Based in San Francisco, Amy serves as CEO at Gratitude Alliance where she also facilitates community education workshops and healing circles. She holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Global Studies from Northeastern University and a certificate in Trauma-Informed Interventions (UC Berkeley). Back in the day, Amy earned her BS in Business/Accounting and is a licensed CPA (inactive) in California.


Amy is also working on her first book, The Wound Myth, about her journey as a transracial, transnational adoptee, reuniting with her birth parents, and learning to embrace gratitude as a powerful catalyst for change.

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Antone Olivier: 

Facilitator + Curriculum Developer 

A native of  the San Francisco Bay Area, he received a BFA  in fine art painting from UC Berkeley, and completed post graduate studies with curricular emphasis on the performing arts of theatre and music at CSU East Bay.  He has enjoyed a 42 year career of teaching visual and performing arts, primarily at Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley, California, and being the Artistic Director for 60+ theatrical productions.  In addition, he has developed and directed multiple performance programs for many schools and community organizations throughout the East Bay with the Theatrical Directors for the City of Oakland Dramatic Arts program, through the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department for a total of 10 years since 1980.  As a performer he is a recipient of a Bay Area Theatre Critic’s Circle Award for acting, and a National College Theatre Award winner as Performer, Musical Director, and Composer of Original Music for a production of “OEDIPUS REX,”performed at the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington D.C.

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Sal Tran: Facilitator 

Sal Tran is a queer Vietnamese filmmaker and touring speaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are one of the co-founders of SunKissed Productions - an independent queer Asian film collective. Sal’s work is rooted within the power of storytelling in film, visual and performative art. They focus on mental health advocacy work within queer trans Asian Pacific Islander (QTAPI) communities. Their work has been featured in UC Berkeley's Queer & Asian Conference, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), Seattle Transgender Film Festival, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) Conference, NYC Queer Asian Short Films, As[I]Am Magazine, UC Santa Barbara - Queer Trans People of Color Conference and many more.


Vic Aguirre: Facilitator

Vic Aguirre is a CA Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator serving the SF Bay Area for the last 6 years. Their mission is to prioritize the empowerment of Queer Trans and POC’s reclamation of their bodies by sharing knowledge and experiences in anatomy, physiology and the effects of living within systems and cycles of violence as an individual with intersectional identities.

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Sage Hayes: Facilitator

Sage Hayes, SEP, LMT, RYT offers a unique integrated approach to therapeutic change and transformation.  Offering Somatic Experiencing (SE), craniosacral therapy and massage, Sage facilitates thoughtful reflection and embodied change particular to each client's intentions. Sage brings a holistic perspective which can explore multigenerational trauma inheritance, cultural contexts and practices, and ongoing adaptation to oppression and an unsteady world.  Social and systemic inequality, prejudice, and discrimination produce stress, a physiological state of threat and danger, and an ongoing hypervigilance or disassociation for those in non-dominant groups. Sage Co-facilitated our 2020 Healing Cycles of Harm White Accomplice cohort.

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Dominique (she, her) is a Bay Area native dedicated to transforming trauma and violence into opportunities of liberation. She is honored to share tools of trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness & ecotherapy to communities of color and folks who identify as LGBTQI2S. She currently works as the Healing Justice Program Manager at Community United Against Violence (CUAV) in San Francisco, Ca. Since 1979, CUAV's work has centered around building power and safety for queer and Trans survivors of intimate partner violence, hate violence and police violence through direct service and organizing. 

Dominique's work is guided by her relationship to spirit and earth. In her latest project, Black Seeds, she provides nature- based sessions for folks of the African diaspora located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Ohlone Territory). To learn more, visit her website: She extends deep appreciation for your trust during this collective healing journey! 

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Esteban Orozco: Facilitator

Esteban Orozco has been a holistic nutrition coach for the last eight years, primarily on Ohlone territory. He’s the son of a Huichol midwife and a Mexica medicine man. He grew up in a home that was at times abusive and overcame those struggles to be a healer and advocate for others. His spirituality is a blend of indigenous and Buddhist practice. Esteban has been training with curandera Veronica Igelsis in Mexica/Anahuak healing since October, 2019. He is a former intern with the Buddhist EBMC (East Bay Meditation Center), based in Oakland CA. 


He's been an active member of two men of color groups, including Peaceful Warrior Men's Circle based in Oakland. In the Spring of 2020, Esteban was trained in trauma healing by Healing Cycles of Harm. In the Spring of 2021, Esteban was trained in Trauma-Informed Ethics, Boundaries and Communication by the Trauma Healing Project, based in Eugene OR.  All of these various trainings and experiences has helped him to co-facilitate regular online BIPOC talking circles. Esteban is currently on the steering committee for the Healing Clinic Collective Two Spirit Clinic. 

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Trina Marie:

Facilitator + Tech Support

Trina Marie is a second generation San Francisco, Mission born descendant of Náhuatl and Boriken heritage. She believes in and promotes the following practices to sustain energetic balance: the power of the breath; time spent convening with nature; creative expression; knowledge of self; and visualization and affirmation writing as methods to manifest the desired experience in one’s life. She is guided by her Ancestral lineage which includes seers, intuits, healers, empaths, and artists. 


She is a nature photographer, dancer, drummer, and Astrology enthusiast.  She earned her degree in La Raza Studies from the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University and has a professional background in youth development and non-profit administration.  She reminds us that we are more than the labels assigned to us, we are sentient beings on a comprehensive journey of self-discovery, self-actualization, and fulfillment of one’s purpose.  


Dr. Patty Ramirez: FACILITATOR

Dr. Patty Ramirez, DSW, MSW is the Founder and Executive Director of the Healing Justice Transformative Leadership Institute where she is developing the Leading with HEART model, a healing-leadership methodology that proposes a process for healing, transformation, and liberation in social justice organizations and movements. Dr. Patty believes that reimagining how we heal and lead by creating a new ecosystem for healing, social justice, and leadership development will increase the sustainability of social justice leaders, organizations, and social justice movements. 

For nearly a decade, Dr. Patty has dedicated her work to serving immigrant victims of crimes, and justice-impacted folks. Patty’s experience ranges from working with the immigrant and refugee population, violence prevention, criminal justice policy advocacy, program development, and organizational development. She is also a founding member of the Los Angeles County Crime Victims Advisory Board. Dr. Ramirez is committed to the vision of collective healing and breaking down barriers that discredit the voice and thought leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Dr. Ramirez is also the creator of her own micro-enterprise, Wild Luna Botanicals, a self-care and wellness lifestyle brand where healing and brujita magic come together.

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Gabby Momah: Facilitator


Gabby {G} Momah (they/them) is a Black queer nonbinary storyteller, actor, writer, director, and producer raised on the unceded territories of the Tongva and Ohlone peoples on the west coast. G’s writing, directing and performance work is rooted in showcasing black trans voices and experiences from both comedic and dramatic lenses. They have also performed in various Bay Area theater productions including Schoolgirls; Or the African Mean Girls Play at Berkeley Repertory Theater, Top Girls at American Conservatory Theater and numerous shows with the sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster and the National Queer Arts Festival.


Gabby is a Resident Artist of Crowded Fire Theater in the Bay Area, and has trained at Stanford University, San Francisco Mime Troupe, and The Actors Space. They are currently pursuing their MFA in Acting and Directing at Brown / Trinity Repertory Theater on occupied Narragansett and Wampanoag land. They are also a bomb cook, enjoy expressing their creativity in the kitchen and always down to build community and prism resources through food.

As Gabby started working with a Somatic Behavioral Therapist last spring, they applied and joined the BIPOC Summer 2020 Cohort as facilitator-in-training and participant.

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xóchicoatl bello: Facilitator

 xóchicoatl bello (they/she/amor) is an indigequeer healing practitioner, cultural worker, educator, earth steward, and elder-in-training. xóchicoatl focuses on cultivating cultures of healing by restoring our connections to the sacredness of self, each other, earth, and ancestor through ceremony, circle practice, indigenous technologies & agricultural traditions. They have been co-creating healing spaces for over a decade in Boston Public Schools, community gardens, in the Hudson Valley with Kite’s Nest and Sweet Freedom Farm, and across Turtle Island through their virtual learning herbal programming explicitly for queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color (QTBIPOC) through La Mala Yerba. Their work invites the community into herbal medicine making, farming, ceremony, and circle practice. xóchicoatl believes that these indigenous technologies have kept our people healing for generations, and how we find our way back from the violences of colonization and; transform the wounds of oppression into more healthy, harmonious, and justice-filled connections with ourselves, community, and the Earth.


xóchicoatl comes from Afro-indigenous, Portuguese & Spanish bloods via love and colonization rooted in Southern Mexico, from a people recovering their memory, from a people in treaties with peoples & lands alike reclaiming their sovereignty. They hold healing spaces in relationship with the Earth with the prayer that when we heal the soils that sustain us, tend to the seeds, tend to our hearts, and tend to our relations, we remember our bodies as sites of wisdom, we heal our souls, and we awaken ancestral memory that we have always been free. 

weave with them on at or on IG @lamalayerbalove


Alysia Mann Carey: Facilitator and Language Interpreter


Alysia Mann Carey (they/she) was birthed from the sweet and saltwater crossings of Harbour Island, Bahamas and Madison, WI. Born and raised with her 4 younger siblings and many cousins in Madison, Alysia played many afternoons with the Gingko tree her
grandfather planted and nurtured back to health in the 1940s, planting many seeds of healing they are still uncovering each moment of everyday. Alysia is a godmother, mama-auntie, auntie, sister-sibling, queer beloved soul that seeks to offer and embrace

healing magic with Mother Earth. Through their work and un/learnings with herbalism and earth medicine, Alysia weaves together somatic inquiry, trauma-informed practices and the wisdom offered by plants and herbs to support loved ones and beloved communities in the US, Colombia and Brazil. As a multiple language learner, translator and interpreter, they connect Black diasporic communities by bridging languages and co-creating spaces and experiences where Black folx can re-encounter, thereby transforming language barriers into expressions that explore the different meanings of the world that we carry within ourselves. Alysia works as a transformative & healing justice facilitator and curriculum developer consultant and offers workshops around embodiment & trauma, intergenerational healing in Spanish and English with the purpose of weaving these knowledges into the creative efforts that continue to work of

Alysia is finishing up her doctoral studies in political science at the University of Chicago where her research takes a popular/community-based approach to understanding the different ways state violence impact Black women in Brazil and Colombia and how women are organizing in their communities to heal themselves, their communities,
families and relationships. They prioritize the creation, collaboration and preservation of “ourchives” of black women with their own stories, experiences and indigenous ways of knowing, in such a way that connects these "ourchives" across geographies, languages and times, which is a legacy and memory that nourishes the footsteps of the ancestors to come.

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Jennelle Ramdeen:
Research Consultant

Jennelle Ramdeen (she/they) is a Black queer nonbinary person from Jerseeyyyy, unceded Lenape land, and born of Trinidadian parents. With deep reverence for the collective Black spirit, Jennelle’s work centers the healing of communities and their individuals as a pathway to liberation.

They currently lead the Youth Action Institute, a youth policy research and advocacy program of the Center for Court Innovation. Their approach to co-creating spaces to reimagine non-oppressive ways of being while practicing joy. Jennelle's approach empowers the work their young lead to resonate throughout youth and activist communities, effecting NYC policy change. Jennelle has also organized with the New York City chapter of Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) as a member and the healing and safety committee co-chair. Over the years, they have studied and created spaces for politicized healing combining their reiki practice and shamanic energy work to transform our relationship to accountability and harm.

Jennelle’s joy practices include learning, storytelling, and creating videos from their personal archives, as well as exploring creatively through zines and collaging. Jennelle joined the QTBIPOC Fall 2021 Cohort of Healing Cycle of Harm as facilitator-in-training and participant, and is continuing to support RooT as an impact
reporting consultant and researcher.

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Laurel Mayeda: Tech Support

Laurel Mayeda is a Korean/Japanese (Yonsei) American Community Organizer, educator, and graduate student based in Southern California. Mayeda is passionate about critical pedagogy, feminist liberation, and intergenerational healing. Mayeda believes in decolonizing and learning about ways to make healing practices accessible for communities. 

sTART up Supporters

We owe a huge thanks for the material support, the mentorship and guidance, the opening up of space and resources, the holding of space, the valued affirmation, and the love and blessing of the following people and organizations. These people believed in this work during its inception, watered the seed, and tended its soil. 

Dr. Cesar Cruz


Homies Empowerment 

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Shayna Cureton

of Abundant Beginnings.

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Daisy Ozim of 

Resilient Wellness.

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