Healing Cycles of Harm

 Spring Training 2020

Transformative Healing Circle and Training 
For People Who Have Been Impacted By Violence
Our curriculum was initially intended to create a supportive healing and accountability space for those who have caused harm, as an alternative to punitive responses to violence. We quickly recognized that this work is valuable to all of those impacted by violence: victims, people who cause harm, and those who fall outside of and in between these two experiences.
Our Approach
Utilizing culturally relevant, somatic (body-based) and expressive arts healing modalities, participants will gain knowledge, experiences, and tools that they can use to support their own healing and, subsequently, to help others to heal in their communities.

Democratic Collective Healing

We use a democratic, non-hierarchical model that acknowledges that everyone is the expert of their own healing. People trust those they know with their intimate stories, pain, and desires for personal growth. We want to give existing local leaders additional tools to address individual and collective trauma and violence, and therefore build the capacity of Oakland residents and service providers to serve as local healing leaders and create a culture of accountability and compassion. 

Oakland Community Leaders
Sixteen active local community leaders in Oakland will both participate and receive training in how to facilitate a weekly healing circle that explores the impacts of systemic and interpersonal violence on our internal lives. Participants will be given “open source” curricula that they can adapt and use as they see fit in their own communities. 

We Prioritize The Following Applicants:

  • People who have been directly impacted by violence

  • People who have the capacity to lead this work forward

    • History of holding/facilitating space for those impacted by violence in informal (private and local spaces) and formal (working within organizations, schools, etc.) settings​

    • Currently working with a group but need more tools to work with

    • Other evidence that demonstrate you're ready to implement these strategies in your formal and informal work with others

Note: you do not have to be a "direct service worker" or work for an organization to participate

  • Direct service workers (support group leaders, case managers, counselors, ​etc.) who are looking for new collective healing tools to address the traumatic impact of violence

  • Facilitators and direct service workers who want to explore solutions to vicarious trauma, transference, countertransference, and other ways their own trauma shows up in their work with others

  • People who work and live within the borders of Oakland Unite's map of impacted residents (see below)


Saturdays, April 11 - May 30th



Roots Community Health Center

9925 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94603


Free Community Demo: Friday, March 6, 6-8:30PM


Second floor, with Elevator Access

ADA Accessible Bathrooms 

Can Be Low Scent



Expectation for Participants

to Participate In Each Session


Free Childcare

Free Food

Limited Need-Based Funds: 

Available for those Whose Attendance Result in Financial Hardship 


(Please determine if you're applying as a resident or as an employee of an organization receiving training)



Wondering if this healing work is for you? Feel free to contact us at wetakeroot@gmail.com  and we can discuss if this is the right space for you.

Releasing attachments to abuse.

Regenerating communities. 

Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence.