Healing Conference

and Clinic

RooT’s Healing Conference and Clinic is a four day event that helps survivors build capacity for their own healing and their community's healing. Using trainings, workshops, direct healing services, and affordable healing tools, we help make tending to trauma wounds accessible and equitable. 

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This eight week workshop guides those who have caused harm to recognize the root of their actions with compassion for self, others, and accountability. We begin with the understanding that acts of harm are more often than not rooted in those actors being survivors of violence themselves. This healing centered / trauma informed experience utilizes somatic healing arts, creative expression, and political and psycho-education to help participants access what is needed within themselves to understand and address how violent patterns become embedded within the mind, body, and spirit. 

We are currently developing training for other community leaders to facilitate this workshop. Also in the works is an open source curriculum guide.


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Healing Initiatives for Survivors 

Healing looks different for each survivor. Our healing initiatives center the survivor as the driver in their own journey. Through somatic healing experiences, visual and written expression, support groups, or one on one attention, we offer a variety of opportunities for healing to feel real and accessible. 


Transformative Justice

(TJ) Accountability Cases

This accountability structure centers the needs of survivors and engages the harm caused as a community problem. Survivors and their supporters hold those that have caused them harm aggressors accountable without the use of penal concepts or actions. Each case is unique and will be treated differently, but generally the survivor has the opportunity to be supported through the process so that they do not have to face those who have caused them harm alone. (We are currently building capacity for new cases)


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Healing Cycles of Harm


Healing Conference and Clinic?

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Are you a survivor or Community Member wanting to start a case?

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Releasing attachments to abuse.

Regenerating communities. 

Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence.