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Healing Conference and Clinic


RooT’s Healing Conference and Clinic is a multi-day event that helps survivors build capacity for their own healing and their community's healing. Using trainings, workshops, direct healing services, and affordable healing tools, we help make tending to trauma wounds accessible and equitable. 

Healing Conference and Clinic

Healing Cycles of Harm


This ten-week workshop guides those who have caused harm and been impacted by harm to work through root wounds with compassion for self, others, and accountability. We begin with the understanding that acts of harm are survivors of violence themselves, and that survivors are capable of enacting harm. This healing-centered / trauma-informed experience utilizes somatic healing arts, creative expression, and political and psycho-education to help participants access what is needed within themselves to understand and address how violent patterns become embedded within the mind, body, and spirit. 

Healing Cycles of Harm
Collective Healing

We offer tailored experiences for organizations, collectives, or groups struggling with conflict or harm. We uitlize a transformative healing and embodied approach to help groups build the capacity to generate closeness in the face of difficulty. Our offerings invite an exploration of how structural, institutional, and cultural barriers, including white supremacy culture, can be surfaced to create more expansiveness for developing a more humanizing ecology for members of the group.

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