To regenerate communities by releasing our attachment to sexual and interpersonal violence.

To address individual and communal trauma wounds through transformative education, a diversity of healing encounters, and community accountability strategies.


Decompose (Decolonize):

To recognize, reckon with, and deconstruct the ways that rape culture has affected how we perceive ourselves, develop toxic patterns within interpersonal relationships, and influence our communities. 


Germinate (Develop):

To remember and recover the resources that exist within us and our communities to heal from violence and a culture of rape. To replace learned harmful habits of mind that perpetuate rape culture and an imbalance of power, with humanizing approaches to healing and restitution. 


Regenerate (Grow):

To make accessible healing strategies and effective accountability structures at the grassroots level that lead communities towards a culture of shared power, consent, and compassion.


RooT currently addresses abusive dynamics by:

  • Offering initiatives for survivors to engage in a variety of healing encounters. 

  • Offering healing opportunities for those who have caused harm to shift learned attitudes that enable and perpetuate abusive behavior.

  • Offering transformative education programs to communities on understanding the effects of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. 

  • Creating a structured space for accountability to take place through a transformative justice (TJ) approach.