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Seeking a Program & Operations Manager

(Contractor Position)


About Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence


We are a BIPOC and queer-led healing justice project committed to addressing individual and communal trauma wounds through transformative education, a diversity of healing encounters, and community accountability strategies. We have completed 14 peer-led accountability healing circles called Healing Cycles of Harm, four annual People’s Healing Conference and Clinics, and have supported various organizations and collectives who serve BIPOC through harm repair work. Our work is based in Oakland, California, but we have engaged and served communities throughout the US. Our work centers and is informed by Black people, Indigenous people, trans and gender-expansive people, neurodiverse people, and people who have been directly impacted by violence. We emphasize the use of horizontally-led growth and accountability spaces and lean on somatic (body-based) and culturally responsive practices in our healing justice work.


This year, our work will expand in developing our training program, offering additional Healing Cycles of Harm circles, offering Spanish language space holding, and re-imagining what people-led and centered research in this field can look like. 



What We’re Seeking in a Program and Operations Manager


We’re seeking someone who can support our Founder with organizational and project management tasks. Someone with experience in the field of healing justice, transformative justice, and violence prevention is best suited for this position. Our ideal candidate would be someone with warm, firm, and clear communication skills in writing and speech. The ability to problem-solve and imagine collaboratively with a partner or team is essential. 


We’re seeking someone with first-hand experience in developing strategies for organization and communication using various innovative digital tools/platforms and social media communications. We are looking to streamline our administrative work tasks and need an expert at efficient organization and communication.


We encourage people who have been directly impacted by trauma and violence to apply. It is essential for candidates to have sensitivity to, respect, and regard for gender-expansive people, disabled people, and those with limited access to academic jargon and technical terms. Those who have been politically, culturally, institutionally, and economically placed furthest from access and opportunity are encouraged to apply. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, or medical condition. 


Responsibilities are inclusive of (but not limited to) the following:



Project Management and Administration

  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality in regard to information relating to organizational partners, workshop participants, and other sensitive information tasked to handle. 

  • Develop, fine-tune, and maintain virtual platforms for scheduling, communications, contracts, and other documents (primarily using Google platforms and Wix)

  • Support with tracking contracts, waivers, and consent forms from participants and other contractors. 

  • Emailing reminders, invitations, and other information to contractors and workshop participants. 

  • Develop efficient means for tracking projects as they develop and support with updating project flows



Marketing, Sales, & Communications

  • Online ticket sales: posting, tracking, and sending reminders for workshop events

  • Creating fliers using Canva for our workshop offerings

  • Writing image descriptions for our social posts

  • Proofreading grants, newsletters, and other documents



Qualities, Skills & Experiences

  • Ability to offer experience-informed technological and communications solutions to problems that come up in collaborative spaces

  • Knowledge of how to curate hybrid (in-person and virtual) dynamic group engagement using Zoom and Owl a plus

  • Proficient in Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides) and MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

  • Ability to communicate in a personable, relatable, and clear voice in writing and speech

  • Ability to track and be responsive to power and privilege in collaborative spaces, including assessing one’s own position in such dynamics

  • Transparent communication and ability to address conflict as opportunities for better (self and collective) understanding and deepening relational closeness

  • Solution-oriented: facing a challenge tickles your inclinations towards imaginative problem solving

  • Reliable and organized: Able to manage and complete more than one project simultaneously and prioritize work tasks within this scope

  • Actively working on your own wellness and self-growth/accountability work and understanding the impact of this on organizational wellness



Compensation and Time Commitment

  • Year Contract (1099) concluding at the end of 2023 with the possibility of retention for the following year. This includes a 4-week probationary period.

  • $40/HR 

  • 20 hours /week commitment

  • Possibility for transition into full-time work

  • Primarily virtual  / work from home, with some in-person support during hybrid offerings

  • Access to RooT workshops, trainings, and wellness offerings



How To Apply


Please send a cover letter, CV/resume, and two references, to Your cover letter should introduce who you are (including any identifying lived experiences you feel safe to share), list what virtual platforms you are most proficient with, and describe one organizational problem (anything dealing with project management, administrative efficiency, etc.) you were able to create a solution for.

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